Are You an Expert? Shout It Out!

March 11th, 2021 by dayat Leave a reply »

The history of business has shown that even the biggest and best companies, as hard as they try, can’t be “everything to everybody.” If they could, they would completely dominate commerce and there would never be competitors. But, let’s face it, competitors sprout up and grow like weeds. Even the largest of enterprises must carve out their niche and attract customers to their core competencies and competitive superiority, otherwise they lose customers to others who figure out what the customer wants and is willing to pay for.

This, however, is not exclusive to large, well known national and international companies. It is even truer in smaller regional or local businesses. Clearly, becoming known as an expert in your core competency is of utmost importance. Successful niche marketers become very good at something but then they need to shout it out to the world (or at least their portion of the world) over and over.

I’ve heard so many businesspeople say, “We’re the best-kept secret,” but whose fault is that?

Unless you, or your business, is expert at something, there is very little reason for anyone to come to your location or discover your website or phone you. And if you are expert at something you must somehow get the word out that you have unique reasons for your prospects to find you and your customers to buy from you.

And when you “get the word out” about your expertise, don’t whisper it! Shout it! Develop your unique selling proposition (USP), turn it into your branding message, make it catchy, make it specific to your marketplace, use powerful language to make it memorable, make it easy to say and remember, then shout it over and over so it hits your prospects right between the eyes. Remember… you want them to sit up and take notice, not nod their head while rolling their eyes!

What is your company expert at? Define it. What is your company or your product(s) better at than your competition? Why do your customers choose you? What do they want? Figure it out, then determine how to exploit your expertise by shouting it out to those who will enjoy or profit from your expertise and excellence. Hone your message and repeat it again and again. Those who are attracted to your niche or expertise will come once, return, and, if the message you use is specific, benefit-laden, and easily repeated, they will tell others.


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